lola makes art

I've now spent half of my life working in education and what feels like my entire life being an artist.

From rural communities to cities to suburbia and in between, I've dedicated my life's work to supporting students and educators across the country. As I take the leap into full-time teaching, I'm developing a space where I share resources, ideas, and my own artistic work with the world.

Welcome to lola makes art. Thanks for stopping by. Wherever you choose to put your heart, I wish you luck upon your journey. And if I've learned one thing from my years working and studying the fields of art and education, it's that collaboration is key.

If you're interested in exploring ways in which your passion/work intersects with mine, let's talk!

♥ Lauren 'lola'

"My work is especially for the children so they can see how to make art out of things, understand how art clean up the world, and realize that all that we do on earth becomes a form of art. What is art? Art is everything we have used, waiting to be used again. That's what art is."

Lonnie Holley, artist