<<< That's me. Lauren - Lola - Miss Lauren - Ms. Suveges - Suveges - "hey you teacher lady, I can't remember and/or pronounce your last name..."

I'm passionate about arts and education and serving others through my professional career.

I am committed to the creativity of every child that steps into my classroom or into my workshop.

I've danced around formal teaching for many years through various non-profits, museum education and community programs, and I cannot imagine myself anywhere else than in public education right now.

I am committed to changing the world for the better through the support and uplifting of our youngest voices. They are the truth tellers. If you don't believe me, go volunteer in a school for a day. Some child will tell you the truth with reckless abandon, including if you haven't shaped your eyebrows recently enough to their liking.

For more information about my professional experience or research interests please see the resources below or give me a follow on IG @lola_teaches_art.